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Best Children’s Book of the Month, Loved it! 

By S.H.
What a fantastically fun Sunday afternoon read. I just read this story with my nephews Jordie and Cam, ages 5 and 6. We love this story! The friendship between the boys is special. It was very nice how Elliot looked after David and made sure he got help. Elliot is the kind of friend that every parent wants their child to have, someone who has their back when they are in need and away from home.
I couldn’t help but reminiscence about my camp days and feel nostalgic.
Not only is the story fantastic but the illustrations are beautiful! I love the expressions on the delighted children’s faces. I love the look of the log cabins, and the flags from every country that adorn the walls.
I loved the fact that after someone learned what happened to David they said, “Holy Moly” or Holy (some type of pasta).
The only drawback of the story is that I can’t stop my nephews from saying Holy (some type of pasta); you’ll have to read the story to see what I mean.
Great story with many value lessons to be learned. Looking forward to getting the rest of this children’s book series.

Charming and Brightly Illustrated Children’s Book 

“The Safety Pin” is a charming and brightly illustrated children’s picture book about two best friends (Elliot and David) who meet each year summer camp—and what happens when one of the boys has a mishap with a safety pin.The book is written simply for younger readers to absorb, but it’s told with a great amount of fun. Children will be drawn in by the pictures, which are detailed and bring the camp to life, as well as by the suspense of the story—what will happen to David? Parents will enjoy those things as well but will also appreciate the positive messages the story gives—to go to an adult when you have trouble, etc. The inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout in background signs are also a nice touch, and give parents something extra to discuss with their children.Recommended to parents who are looking for a wholesome, engaging picture book to enjoy with their children.

New York City Public School Teacher – 3rd Grade


“Just wanted to let you know how the children truly enjoyed your book. One of our students was absent that day and the children told him of your visit and shared the story. They were all so excited to share the story with the child.  Thank you again for visiting our class. I know you will have great success with your book.”


Matt Ralph,

“The book with illustrations by Vic Guiza is a fun and beautifully illustrated story from Elliot’s experience at camp involving a close camp friend and a safety pin… Reading through the story put me back at camp as a kid and made me think of the friendships and experiences I had in my own halcyon days as a camper. It’s a funny story too that I can see parents having a lot of fun reading to their kids. I can’t wait to see his other stories brought to life.”  

Brings back fond memories of camp for readers!

Best buddies… what could be better than spending a summer with your friend, doing all your favorite things and helping each other? Grandparents and parents will love the life moral lessons and beautiful illustrations in this book book as they read it to their grandkids and kids. Big sisters and brothers can share their own camp experiences as they read it with their younger siblings. It’s a winner all around!


Great Story, Beautiful Illustrations

This book brings back fond memories of summer camp for those who went, but is just plain fun for those who didn’t. Terrific book for new readers. Beautifully illustrated and produced, The Safety Pin is a great debut. I’m looking forward to more in this series.


Marvelous book–great story with wonderful Illustrations–beautifully created–for those of us who went to Summer camp it brings back fond memories–Camp Massad upon which the story is based was founded by my Father Shlomo Shulsinger and ably directed by both my parents Rivka and Shlomo–the campers spent two month in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania–and these were second homes and lives for us city people–I am sure that the author Eliot Sloyer still dreams of adventures described in his great book–highly recommended for all former campers–and a great story for all kids who are tempted by Safety pins.

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