Bat in the Bunk

Bat in the Bunk (Book #2) is a fun, zany and educational adventure. The story is told with rich vocabulary and is beautifully illustrated by award winning illustrator, Vic Guiza. Inspirational quotes are embedded in many illustrations to educate, entertain, and stimulate conversation. The story has great rhythm. You will enjoy reading the book to a child, as much as they enjoy hearing it from you. In a nutshell David and Elliot have returned to summer camp and are making new friends and learning important life lessons. One night after their counselor leaves the bunk to hang out with the other grown-ups, Elliot spots a bat in the bunk. NOT a baseball bat, but a real flying bat is circling the bunk. Holy cannoli! You won’t believe what happens next.

The story creates great discussion points with children including homesickness, camp friends, kindness, and how to say good night in seven different languages.

Join David and Elliot as the make lifelong memories in the Summer Camp Stories series.Join David and Elliot as they make new friends and learn new things in the Summer Camp Stories series (Ages 6+)

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