‘Bat In The Bunk’ A Delightful Second Installment In Children’s Book Series

Bat in the Bunk is the second installment in the Summer Camp Stories series based on true stories from the author’s experiences at Camp Massad in Pennsylvania as a kid.

The second book follows a similar structure as the first in that it takes a memorable event from camp and uses fun adjectives and exclamations in a rhythmic pattern to describe the event and the reactions of the people involved.

Where the first book was all about a camper swallowing a safety pin, this book takes us inside a boys cabin at Camp Massad, allowing illustrator Vic Guiza to draw fun things like a kid wearing dinosaur pajamas and frightened campers hiding under the covers as a bat flaps around the wooden walls and peaked ceiling of the cabin.

The story also touches on the homesickness that is so common for young campers and the friendships that are forged so naturally in a summer camp setting. You’ll probably be taken back to your own experiences hanging out in the cabin at night at camp while reading this to your child, who will connect in his or her own way to the story whether he or she has been to camp yet or not.

That’s the beauty of this series of children’s books.

They are fun stories to read for both adults and kids that also teach valuable lessons through the story – the counselor in this book says goodnight to all of the campers in a language of their choosing each night – and in the images, which feature famous quotes from people like Emerson, Mark Twain, Wayne Gretzky and others on signs, in picture frames, on rocks and other places in the illustrations.

I already can’t wait to read the next story.

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